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the wild we share

a podcast
exploring outdoor stories of change, challenge, and inclusivity. every step makes and impact.


Trail of Insight:
Season 1 Reflections

In this final episode of Season 1, Mark and Madelaine reflect on the most meaningful lessons learned through their guest interviews and share their plans for the future. Thanks for being on this journey with us!

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Our Journey Together

Hey there, welcome to "The Wild We Share." We're here to dive into what the great outdoors really means to us all – it's about connecting deeply with nature, sharing stories of change and challenge, and making sure everyone feels welcome in these spaces.

Every two weeks, we bring you stories that aren't just about adventures but about making a difference. Whether it’s through protecting our beautiful planet, making the outdoors more accessible, or simply sharing a love for the wild with family and friends, we're all about action.


Why do we do this? Because we believe in the power of community. We're all part of this big, incredible world, and every one of us has a role to play in keeping it vibrant for the next generation. Our episodes are packed with conversations that matter – about how we can all contribute to a more inclusive, sustainable outdoors.


Ready to be part of the change? Let's jump in and discover the impact we can make, one step at a time, in the wild we share.

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Meet Your Trail Companions

We're Madelaine and Mark Anderson, just a couple of outdoor lovers who decided to turn our passion into a podcast. "The Wild We Share" is our way of bringing the stories of the outdoors right to you, wherever you are.


It all started with our little adventurer, Cora, and our four-legged friend, Olly. Watching Cora’s eyes light up in the great outdoors made us think: How can we help preserve this wonder for her and every future explorer? That’s where the idea for this podcast was born.


Between the two of us, we’ve trekked through 25 of America’s (and international) national parks and pitched more tents than we can count. Our adventures have taught us a lot, not just about the wild, but about what it means to protect and share it.

Together, we’re on this journey to not just explore the outdoors but to share the incredible stories of those who are making a real difference. So, whether you’re into epic adventures or small steps towards sustainability, we’re glad you’re here with us.


Got something on your mind? Where it's a story that touched you, a burning question, or just a hello, we're here for it. Drop us a line - every message is a change to deepen our journey together.

Share your story or nominate a guest

Your stories are the heartbeat of "The Wild We Share." Know someone or have a tale that embodies the spirit of adventure and stewardship? We're all ear. Your recommendation could be the next voice inspiring our community.

Join us as a sponsor

If you're as passionate about making a difference outdoors are we are, let's partner up. Supporting "The Wild We Share" means growing a community dedicated to positive change. Reach out to explore sponsorship opportunities, and let's make an impact together.

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